Become a SERV Partner


We’re redefining cooperative food buying.

When value-minded people join together, it’s powerful. These are some of the ways that partnering with SERV Food Local can benefit your church, organization, and community.



Creates another ministry opportunity to reach people inside the church, as well as outreach in the local community.

Increases awareness in your church of needs around the world.

Builds fellowship and empowers the people to work together.

Promotes generosity.


Gives every person the ability to save a lot of money.

Helps everyone to buy more nutritious food at a greater value.

Enables the family to be a part of something that extends to the far reaches of the world.

Everyone is made for relationships, and everyone has to eat. SERV Food Local provides these basic needs for all people while building stronger communities.



Adds value to organizations as a benefit to employees.

Promotes team building.

Provides an opportunity to give back.

Builds their cause and increases awareness.


Raises awareness and helps SERV International’s mission to feed people locally and globally.

Helps to impact lives, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Offers a greater quality of life for all people.

Spreads hope and joy.

Would you like to hear more about becoming a SERV Site? 
The first step is contacting us.